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Arena Shows


Knights of Albion Jousting show

The Knights of Albion are fast becoming one of the UK's premier jousting teams

With breath-taking jousting displays, original storylines, movie-quality armour and colourful costumes, the Knights of Albion really pull out all the stops to make their show something extra special.

Using professional stunt riders, jousters, acrobats, musicians and performers, along with our beautiful trick-trained horses, we really bring an all-star action-packed performance to any event.


Wild West Extravaganza

Colt Bandersnatch

and his

Magnificent Wild West Extravaganza!

Witness awesome feats of skill and daring, and ride along with our heroes as they battle it out against Diego the Mexican who thinks he can run things better his way! Spectacular trick riding, magnificent stunts, and breath-taking gun fights make for a fantastic family show!


The Survival Games
- The UK’s only horse and motorbike stunt show

The Survival games- A futuristic stunt game show where 4 teams compete in games and challenges for the ultimate prize.

Witness their feats in a never before seen in the UK stunt show format where horse power meets mechanised power. Horses vs bikes in a competition of skill & combat.

Your chance to see a wasteland car chariot race a motor bike and sidecar, horse archery, trick riding, stunt fights, motorbike stunts, fire performances, and ending with a joust between man, horse and bike


Circus Maximus -
A Roman Colosseum Stunt Show

Roman Governer Marcus Titus Tyranicus has travelled to the Colosseum to see a show of his finest Legionaries, Equestrians, Gladiators and captured slaves. 


Marvel at the horsemanship of the Roman Cavalry, the archery and trick riding skills of the Barbarian Hordes, witness horseback archery and the skill of “Roman Riding” and be on the edge of your seats as Gladiators fight for the honour of being the Emperor's champion. But, beware, the Slaves are unhappy under Roman rule and are planning to rebel...


Stand & Deliver
- A Highwayman stunt show

Tales, stories and all the action from the famous highwaymen and women of the past age.


See daring deeds, stagecoach robberies, trick riding escapes, dancing horses, sword fights, pistol duels, lovable rogues and just a few truly 'undesirable' characters as we bring tales of highway legends to life. Be ready to hand over your valuables or defend your honour from our villains!

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